Medisoft... Should I Upgrade?



In past years MASHNET has not been an advocate of upgrading Medisoft with every new release.  Simply stated, the cost outweighed the annual upgrade benefits.  But that has changed significantly, especially with the latest release just announced by the publisher.  In addition to a price increase, the publisher continues to demonstrate a willingness to make the software better with each release while limiting the number of intermediate patches to fix specific faults.  Combined with ongoing regulatory changes, the trend of upgrading every two to three releases has reversed.  MASHNET believes that it's time to take a closer look at the compelling reasons why upgrading annually starts to make sense.

The first reason is regulatory.  There has been no slow-down at all in the release of new compliance issues whether by government or insurance companies.  In other words, providers are having to jump through more and more hoops in order to get paid.  Rather than have billing personnel trying to figure out workarounds in older versions of Medisoft, it makes more sense to upgrade in order to have those newly required functions built-in.

Secondly, the publisher is not releasing Service Packs to fix current faults nearly as often as in previous releases when you could count on at least one or two service packs with each release.  Instead, they seem to be concentrating efforts on regulatory and insurance compliance issues while fixing faults within the scope of the next scheduled annual release.  

Finally, let's consider cost.  The publisher has raised prices with the latest release and we might expect a continued increase over time as has been the case since the mid 1980's when Medisoft was first released.  But with each new release the publisher also provides a heavily discounted pricing structure that benefits those who are upgrading from a one-version old release to the current version.  As a result, Medisoft users can save 10 - 20 percent, depending on each annual promotion's pricing.  This means that over a period of three-years that the annual upgrade will cost 10 - 20 percent less than waiting that same three years while prices continue to increase.  When taken into consideration with the other factors already mentioned, we think that the benefit of upgrading annually is more compelling and a better overall value.

To obtain a customized estimate to upgrade your current version to the latest version of Medisoft Contact MASHNET Sales & Support.  To streamline the price quote process please have your current version and serial number available.