MASHNET Virtual Server Hosting...  




Features and Benefits of MASHNET Virtual Server Hosting


  • Dedicated Windows-based server for running Windows-based medical software
  • Remote access via Secure Remote Desktop Connection from Windows, Apple Macintosh, Apple iPad or Linux Workstations
  • Less expensive than owning and maintaining costly premise-based server hardware
  • Includes off-site backup
  • Local BackUp available
  • Per-User Pricing
  • Data and Applications stored on virtual servers are more secure from hackers and natural disasters
  • One low monthly fee (per user)
  • Fully integrates with MASHNET's Clearinghouse Services partner, ABILITY NETWORKS (formerly MD On-Line)


MASHNET contracted space for its first DataCenter in 2002.  At that time we concentrated on dedicated servers for MASHNET Cloud-based Application Hosting.  Since that time, MASHNET has continued to upgrade its DataCenter hardware with added capabilities, including Virtual Server Hosting. 

Virtual Server Hosting is a method for Clients to lease a dedicated Windows-based server that is hosted on MASHNET hardware at the DataCenter.  Clients have secure access to that server via Remote Desktop Connection so that day-to-day tasks or practice management of medical records keeping can be performed.  MASHNET provides the underlying IT Support for that server and assists the Client in creating, storing and backing up critical clinical data. 

Clients may access their Virtual Server from various devices running Windows 7, Windows 10, Apple Macintosh computers, Apple IOS Devices like iPad and iPhone or Linux workstations.  Windows-based applications can be run from all of these devices because the application is running on the Virtual Server and the device accesses that application using a Remote Desktop Connection client.  This means that there numerous devices from which you may securely access your server at any time.  Contact MASHNET Sales & Support for more information or to receive a service quote.