MASHNET Remote BackUp and Data Storage Solutions



The very last thing you ever want to do is to lose crtiical clinical data.  The costs of data recovery, plus the possibility of penalties associated with data loss simply puts every practice in a position that demands a disaster recovery plan in the event the worst happens.  MASHNET's Remote BackUp and Data Storage solutions is one of our best and most popular services.  

MASHNET lets you store up to 8TB, that's 8,192 Gigabytes of data with up to 120-days of file retrieval.  That means that letter you wrote to a patient a month ago and then deleted can still be recovered.  And it's not just patient letters you can store!  You can store any type of document or data from Electronic Health Records to Practice Managment Systems data and it's all secure, it's all HIPAA Compliant and it's ridiculouslly affordable.

Don't wait until a disaster strikes.  Protect your data and do it TODAY!  Contact MASHNET Sales & Support for more information or to receive a quote.